Minecraft Halloween Overhaul! 

Welcome to default Minecraft--Overhauled! A lot of blocks, items, and mobs have been changed to match the theme of Halloween! Be sure and run away from creepy creatures of the dark and don't get to spooked by the sneaky ghosts. All the creepy and 'sweet' feel of Halloween is included into this pack! 

Here is a near complete list of what is in the overhaul... 

  • Scarecrows (zombie pigmen) 
  • Werewolves (wolves) 
  • Ghosts (creeper) 
  • Ghouls (blazes) 
  • Frankenstien (zombie) 
  • Green Witches 
  • Villagers wear masks. 
  • Most mobs had minor touch ups. 
  • Bats look creepier 
  • Enderman is the grim reaper 
  • Halloween Grass 
  • Halloween Dirt 
  • Sugar is candy! 
  • Jackolanterns are still jackolanterns! 
  • Glowstone is more themed. 
  • Iron door/bars are more themed. 
  • Bookshelves are more themed/ 
  • Furnaces are more themed. 
  • Dispensers are more themed. 
  • Droppers are more themed. 
  • Certain types of wood are darker and creepier. 
  • Birch leaves are now 'autumn' colored. 
  • All leaves are darker. 
  • Water is slightly darker. 
  • Clouds are heavier. 
  • Moon is always a full moon and has a special vibe to it. 
  • Torches are creepier 
  • Redstone torches are creepier 
  • All wool is themed. 
  • Bricks are more themed. 
  • Vines are more themed. 
  • Silverfish are mice. 
  • Plenty of easter eggs... 

Halloween is a time of fun with friends and a time of creepy stories! It is personally one of my favorite times of the year as the weather is just right. Trick-or-treating is a blast for all who celebrate it. So Happy Halloween Minecraft, and if you don't celebrate, happy holidays! 

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