Imagine stepping through a portal into a twilight realm, filled with trees as far as they eye can see. Breathtaking vistas and amazing discoveries await you around every corner. But beware! Not all denizens of the forest respond to your intrusion lightly.
by Nolpfij
This mod brings Runescape content into Minecraft. It adds a new dimension, new mobs, armor, weapons, trees, structures, ores, and many other miscellanous additions.

I would recommend downloading the DamageIndicators mod to make playing this mod easier, since many of the entities in this mod have health values many times greater than vanilla mobs.


Atum is a dimension mod that opens up a whole new desert dimension that contains an eternal world full of sand, temples, and tons of new foes. Journey into Atum and discover ancient artifacts as you battle your way through vicious new enemies!

Atum is not for the faint of heart! Bring your best armor, weapon, and food/torches before you embark!

Traveling to Atum

To travel to Atum, you must construct a Jeweled Scarab as an offering to the gods, only the finest materials in the overworld will do.

The ancient masters of Atum, thousands of years ago they were buried beneath these sands and now awaken to wreak havoc upon its inhabitants!

The Dungeons of Atum

Ruins and Pyramids dot the landscape of Atum! Search through long forgotten ruins to plunder their riches, and try to find your way through the twisting tunnels inside of the ancient pyramids to find their glorious artifacts!

The Artifacts of Atum

Throughout Atum are spread gifts from the gods, formerly the equipment of ancient heroes that were blessed in their attempts to save Atum but failed, they are now yours to obtain! Each one bestows a powerful boon to the wearer!


This mod adds a whole new dimension, complete with bosses temples and a whole lot more!

  • Inferno Swords now can shoot fire
  • TNT Staffs shoot + place TNT
  • New Sundering Stone & staff that can be upgraded by equipping the Sunderers's Suit.
  • (Sundering is instantly destroying the block you right click with magic and dropping it)
  • Sundering Stones are created by moon washing Light Sticks (they spawn around the map)
  • The Sundering upgrades are: 3*3 Sundering area, double sundered drop, 2 forward sundering and increased sundering staff velocity.
  • Warding Stones that block any attempt to sunder within a 20 Block cubed area around where they are placed, can be found in the world or crafted (crafting in video)
  • Moon Water pools that can be used to fetch buckets of moon water for washing ores in the moon washer.
by Joshie

What is Mariculture?
Mariculture's main focus is the Aquatic Environment. It adds terrain generation to the oceans, with things like coral and kelp, to improve the visuals of the underwater world. The mod also expands upon the vanilla fishing system, adding various types of rods and loot you can catch with them, while requiring you to use bait in order to operate these new fishing rods. As well as this, Mariculture introduces fish breeding, which can be a handy way to get your hand on various resources, slowly but surely. There is also jewelry that you can enchant made from pearls, as well as various new objects, that will help with exploring under and above water. Mariculture also adds various machines, that use or create Redstone Flux, with a focus on water related things to power them, or function. 

Mariculture is split in to 8 Different Modules. These barring Core, can all be enabled or disabled in the modules.cfg. Each of these modules is distinct, and relies on nothing from the others, (except the core module), but they do have cross-module features, making sure the mod still stays as a whole. The modules are the following:

This module, contains all the basic items and machines, that all the other modules rely on. It includes the generation of the ores, as well as the crafting items, used throughout the rest of the mod. It also contains the basic machines, like the vat and crucible furnace, which are intended for combining certain items and liquids, or melting things respectively. More details exactly about the core module can be found in the ingame books are provided. The processing book is the one you are after.

The Aesthetics module adds a couple of things for decoration, mostly limestone at the moment and a few pearl bricks.

The Diving module adds three types of gear for exploring underwater. You have your basic Snorkel which just helps you breathe a little longer. The Diving Gear, which requires an Air Pump to get working, Allowing for better vision/speed underwater and the Scuba Gear, setting you to flight underwater and letting you breathe for miles, as well as better vision. To read up more about these, craft yourself a snorkel and it will give you more information about how everything operates when it spawns in the Diving Book!

The Factory module introduces, ways to produce Redstone Flux in the form of the Turbines. It also lets you create custom blocks, in stairs and other designs, with different textures per side. There is also the Auto-Dictionary which is a block to help with unifying ores. The module also includes the F.L.U.D.D. a fun way to get around the world! As well as the Mechanized Sponge, helpful for clearing out large swathes of water. To find out more about all the blocks in this module, simply craft an iron wheel and you will get the Factory book, detailing various information about all the blocks and items.

This module, adds 40 new fish, to catch and to breed! Fish can be placed in a fish feeder, where they will produce various different items for you. Once done they produce egg, which can be hatched in to more fish. The module adds a ton of loot that you can catch with fishing rods, as well as introducing various new rods, that need to bait work. If you really hate fishing there is the autofisher, which will let you sit back and relax, though it isn't quite as efficient with it's bait as a player is. To find out more information about this module, crafting a Reed Fishing Rod and it will give you the fishing book which contains plenty of information about how to get started.

This module adds various new enchantments that can only be placed on Jewelry. The semantics of how this system works depends on your Mariculture version, whether you are on 1.6 or 1.7. To find out more, simply harvest a pearl, and you will get the book! (Note: the book is outdated for 1.7 currently but will be fixed in the future!)

Currently this module only adds the speedboat, this is an unbreakable boat(except by player), that goes at a fast speed across the water!

Warning with this module, the generation can be quite intense, so for those with weaker computers, I'd recommend disabling it! Currently this module adds Kelp and Coral to the Oceans, as well as generally making them deeper. Kelp is a good source of food, while coral is great for dyes!


This Mod is inspired by the computer games and books of the Myst series, In these works, special books could be written to reach new worlds, chosen (or created, the argument continues) according to the mystical contents of the books. Some such worlds are beautiful and safe, but others can be unstable – dangerous to lesser or greater degrees.

In Minecraft terms, each Age is a separate dimension, whose contents can range from an endless void, to infinite worlds similar (or not so similar) to the Overworld. Players can produce special books which link to (and arguably, create) new worlds called Ages, with varying amounts of control over the Age contents. However, be warned that Minecraft does not allow for the level of control described in the original Mystmaterial! Even so, it does add a great deal of variety and usefulness to the game.

Mystcraft allows players to create and explore their own Ages for adventure, settlement, or material gain. Control over the contents of their ages is gained by collecting and using the mystical symbols that compose the books. However, playing with such powerful forces will expose players to equally powerful dangers. It is a player's own responsibility to make sure they have a way home, and if they want to avoid harsh or bizarre conditions, they will need to collect and use many symbols, then learn how to write safe and pleasant ages to inhabit. (In general, greed makes for hazardous ages….)

by Xolova

16 New Dimensions
250 Mobs/Bosses/Pets
400+ Items

I started this mod on a simple idea that came to me when playing on a modded server, I wanted to create a mod like the nether. So I started modding this mod : the "Eternal Frost". This mod is a "dimension" mod, so it adds the ability to teleport to another dimension which is have called the "Eternal Frost" (Old name is the "Freezer"). In order to teleport there, nothing more simple, just craft "The flint and diamond" and create a normal nether portal but filled with ice obsidian instead of obsidian. Then use the flint and diamond to make the portal appear. In the Eternal Frost, you'll end up either underground or overworld in a beautiful world made ​​of various blocks going from deeply frozen stone to freezing water that'll hurt you on touch.

What Does the mod actually add:

83 Blocks (Without the metadata) : Every blocks is different and some are totally awesome !
127 Items : From simple stick to epic dungeon drops.
5 Complete Toolsets : Arctite Tools, Snowbark Tools ,Crystal Tools, Frozen Cobblestone Tools and Coldsteel Tools
19 new mobs (Fury boar, Glace, Ice Cube, Ice Pig Zombie, Cold Creeper, Frostbite Spider, Scarab, Snow owl, Goat, Horned Goat, Woolly Mammoth, Yeti, 2 bosses (And one boss minion), Saber Tiger, Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Villagers)
1 Dimension : The Eternal Frost, with a totally epic generation who goes up to layer 256 !
2 Furnaces : Ice Oven which can freeze things into Eternal Frost items, Frozen furnace which can reheat them.
Structures : Villages, 2 Epic Dungeons to conquer (With two mores to come soon), the caverns have been reworked to fit the mod.
Many generations (Icicles, Trees, Lakes, Rivers, ...)
Epic items and armors to obtain in dungeon, totally unique.
An hypothermia mechanics : Don't let your hearth grow cold.
25 new sounds and 4 new musics.
14 achievements : To make this mod challenging.
8 Biomes, on surface for an epic generation : You'll have to discover them yourself.
Some secrets to discover.
Lot of things aren't in this list ... (A humonguous list trust me, pretty impossible to write every add-ons)

Read this before playing:

Hypothermia :
As you may know, there is a new mechanic : The Hypothermia. How does it work ? Simply as the hunger one, but to replenish it STAND NEAR HEAT SOURCE (Like Fire, Torch, Heatstone).

Biomes :
In order to find the biomes on the screenshots, you just have to climb up to layer 180+. There is a surface ! And that's an important part of the mod.

Other mechanics :
You can find mobs more often depending on your height : More you dig down, more you'll encounter aggressive mobs. Surface is for passive mobs.

Dungeons :
In order to be able to challenge a dungeon, you'll have to find a "dungeon block". They're not spawning naturally for lagging reason.

It's lagging !
The first time you'll enter the world (If you create a server), it'll lag for 1 or 2 minutes : That's totally normal and it won't last long ! I won't change Minecraft base class to change the entire generation logic of Minecraft and therefore the generation part is laggy.

What block, what tool?
What block (Just the stuff you use your Pick for) is succesfully mineable with what tool ? I made it here.

Every Pickaxe :
Frozen cobble
Frozen stone
Deepfrozen ice
Ice oven/Deepfreezer

At least Frozen cobble
Arctite ore
Frozen brick things
Frozen button
Frostbite spider spawner and all spawners yet to come in the Eternal frost

At least Arctite
Bluestone ore
Crystal ore
Block of Crystal
Bluestone lamp

At least Crystal

If you mine these blocks with another tool, it won't succefully drop. (But if you use Crystal tool on any blocks that need at least a frozen cobble pickaxe it'll work).


From the manual: Thanks for purchasing your personal Dimensional Pocket for only 6 baziptimorillion dollars! It will be a great help for your everyday mining, storage and base building needs. Just give it a right click, step inside and use the space it offers you to your liking!

(Sleeping inside a Dimensional Pocket is strictly prohibited. There were a few "accidents" during the testing phase, which suggest not to use a bed in there.)

What this mod actually does:

This mod adds a block that can be "entered" so to speak. The Dimensional Pocket. Right click with an empty hand to enter it. Sneak-right click a wall, floor or ceiling inside the pocket to exit it. You can build stuff in it, for example a storage room or a small base. If you pick up the Dimensional Pocket you can place it down elsewhere, the content will remain. You can even place a Dimensional Pocket inside a Dimensional Pocket :D

The mod includes amazing features such as our advanced party system, our vastly redesigned dungeons, and much, much more. Aether II is designed to be the polar opposite of the Nether, a grand realm of floating islands in the sky with dark secrets beneath. Getting to the Aether is easy -- a 4x5 glowstone portal (just like the Nether portal!) and a little water will open the path to the skies. Discover new unique mobs and items in this vast and beautiful world.
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