The Mod add 15 new Flower (with DyeRecipe). New Biome "Phantasia" and 25 BigFlower, FlowerHedge, FlowerHedgeCarpet, PetalCarpet, FlowerVine and many more..

Biome Phantasia:
Seed: 8014024815804958253 spawn in this Biome

by Kihira

Tails adds in a bunch of different tails, ears and wings including various subtypes all of which you can colour to your liking!

It's a primarily client side mod with an (optional) server side component for syncing tails across clients. However even if the server doesn't have the mod installed, other players with the mod can still see your tail! All you have to do is use the fancy in-game editor then export a modified version of your skin (don't worry, we use the unused pixels so there will be no visible change on your skin) and upload that to Minecraft skin servers and bam, other players can see your tail without having the mod server side!

Each tail is unique and different too with custom animations for each one to make them feel alive rather then something just tacked on. In the future, animations will be dynamic to what you are currently doing and react accordingly. 

And of course, each part is customisable. Parts can have up to 3 different tints applied to them, with the entire full RGB colour available so that's over 16.7 million different colour choices per tint! Certain parts have subtypes so they are similar to the "main" part but with slight variations such as added parts etc and in the future, you'll also be able to select from different textures per part to make it even more unique to you.

You can open in the in-game editor by opening up the in-game menu (When you press Esc) and clicking "Tails Editor" button in the lower middle. Most of the buttons in the mod will have a tooltip to explain what they do but just have a mess about and see what you can make!

Curious about what tails are gonna be added in the future? Take a gander at this spreadsheet!

by Lumien

This mod adds a few very random but specific blocks into the game.


Rotatable blocks lets you rotate most full size opaque cube blocks in minecraft, and mods to a total of 24 orientations. All you need is a standard wrench found in many mods ( such as the BC, or AE2 Wrenches ), other tools that support the forge rotation API are also supported.

by 1WTC

Do you want to carve Jack O' Lanterns in Minecraft? With this mod, you can customize your own pumpkins, add light or leave it dark as a spooky carving!

How to use:

Simple place down a carvable pumpkin and right click and the GUI will appear. From here, you can customize your pumpkin. Left Click will Carve, and right click will undo. 


Originally, I had started out with 18 monochromatic blocks and a rainbow block (that's how I got the name). Over time I added things like colored stone, a Round BBQ (more like a stubby BBQ), COPPOR ORRRR, traffic signs and most recently a load of fences for blocks in the game. Also the blaster is pretty cool. Another cool feature are the glass doors which come in both plain and stained varieties. And you can now show off your cool things in style with the showcase. Now for some graphical representations of the mod.


DECOCRAFT 2 Complete Overhaul!!


The new Decocraft has had a makeover! Thanks to ProfMobius and Taelnia's amazing coding skills, also a couple new modelers are helping me out, now thanks to all your contributions, Lukitiki and Davexx100 have joined the modeling team!


It is completely backward compatible, but backup your world just in case!

    • Bridges have been fixed! no more falling through them! They have also been realigned. You will have to break and replace them.
    • Other models that have been realigned... you will have to test, but there should be no issues.
    • We have new hit box system! Models will no longer disappear and reappear! To activate the proper rendering box, punch box and placement prevention inside the model, all models need to be broken and replaced.
    • Models will no longer delete blocks next to, or below them!
    • NEW Crafting System!!! The Old crafting system is obsolete (but can be reactivated using a config option).
    • Decoclay can still be used inside the decobench. Basic crafting materials are now clay, red/green/blue dyes and the decobench.
Animated doors :
The first goal of this mod was to improve vanilla doors behaviour. They are now animated when opened or closed instead of just jumping instantly to their new state. Also, it makes double doors automatically open and close without any need for redstone.
Trapdoors and fence gates are also animated!

New sliding doors :
Two new sliding doors are added (wooden and iron), that behaves like normal doors but instead of rotating on themselves, they slide into the block next to them.

Jail doors :
A new metallic jail door that slides on the side. Can only be operated with redstone.

Laboratory doors :
A new metallic laboratory door that slides upwards. It's not a double door.

Factory doors :
A new metallic factory door that slides both upwards and downwards.

Shoji doors :
A new shoji door that slides slowly on the side.

Curtains :
Simple red curtains that opens with custom animation.

Rusty Hatch :
A big metallic hatch with a handle that slowly opens. Comes with rusty ladders built-in. Requires 2x3x2 block space to be placed.
Like Trap doors, if placed on the top half of the side of the block, the door will open upwards.

Rusty Ladders :
A metallic ladder that matches the ones built-in the Rusty Hatch.

Garage doors :
A multi-structure allowing a large area to be opened with a nice animation. A Garage door can be as wide and tall as wanted, and as long as they face the same way, one simple redstone current change will make the whole door open or close depending on its current state.

Carriage doors :
A big and fancy wooden double door (4x5x1 multi-block). Note : right click the frame to close the doors.

Forcefield and Controller :
The Forcefield Controller is an item that allows the creation of Forcefields. The Forcefields can be any size (with a limit of 100 blocks) and can't be destroyed. Use the item on the Forcefield to activate and deactivate it, use it while sneaking to remove it completely.
The Contoller displays color informations while placing a Forcefield to indicate if it can be made between the selected positions. It is self powered but requires some time to recharge. Note that removing a Forcefield completely drains the energy of the Controller.

Player Sensor :
A little block that creates a redstone current when a player passes under. It can be placed on the walls, floors or ceiling. It doesn't have the annoying click sound pressure plates have, and it's safer too as it won't let creepers enter your home sweet home.

Door factory and custom doors :
The door factory is a self powered machine that lets you design your own doors. Chose their properties such as the type of movement (from ten available!), the sound, or the speed of their animation, and then select blocks for the frame, top and bottom materials to define how they look.
The top and bottom material also accepts a few items for special effects :
- Flint & steel gives a fire effect.
- Ender pearl displays nether portal animation.
- Water bucket displays flowing water.
- Lave bucket displays flowing lava.

Vanishing Frames :
Vanishing frames that fade out when powered with redstone current. When powered, they transmit the current to their neighbouring fellow frames so you can make whole walls vanish into thin air. Once current is out, frames revert back to their normal state. Once placed in a world, you can right click on them with any normal block and the frames will copy and use the block textures.
Frames come in four different materials : wood, iron, gold and diamond.
- wood frames will always propagate their state to neighbouring frames
- iron frames will only propagate to neighbouring frames that are copying the same block
- gold frames will only propagate to neighbouring frames that are copying the same block with the same metadata (ie : gold frame won't trigger a frame copying a wool block with a different color).
- diamond frames will allow you to entirely customize the behaviour. You can choose in which direction the propagation will occur, the delay and even the duration.

Block Mixer and mixed blocks :
The Block Mixer is a self powered machine that crushes blocks together. The result is a mixed block blending the textures of both blocks. If a light emitting block is mixed, the result will emit light. If a block of redstone is mixed, the result will emit redston current. Also, mixing a non opaque block allows to see through it.
In addition, you can mix these items to get a special effect :
- Ender pearl displays nether portal animation.
- Water bucket displays flowing water.
- Lave bucket displays flowing lava.


This mod, as you might guess from the title, will add new houses, buildings and proffesions to vanilla villagers and villages. 

I just started this mod so there are not many yet, but currently the mod adds: 

  • A Windmill
    • With a Miller Villager 
    • Sells and buys: seeds, wheat, bread.  
  • A FishHut
    • With a Fisher Villager 
    • Sells and buys: Fish, feathers and fishing rods.  
  • A Bakery
    • With a Baker Villager 
    • Sells and buys: Bread and wheat 
  • A Mine
    • With a Miner 
    • Sells Ores, gems and tools 
  • A Lab
    • With an evil Scientist 
    • Sells brewing stands, books and blaze powder 

Extended villages also features a new custom made Render for the villager model. It adds a hat to the villager model. The only problem with this is that the vanilla texturemap of the villagers is filled with unused pixels, therefor I had to override some of those. This means that it would not get the villager textures from vanilla minecraft but from my mod. So, texturepacks wont override the villager texture if the custom render is enabled therfor I have added a config option to enable/disable the custom render for the villagers. Simply turn this of if you wish to use a texturepack for the villagers.  

by Reika


ChromatiCraft is a large exploration-based magic mod centered around harnessing and focusing the power of the 16 colors of crystal energy present in the Minecraft world. Each color of energy is associated with certain traits, from light to protection to agility.

In ChromatiCraft, you can use this energy in two main ways.
One major use is to drive various devices which run on the energy. These have a wide variety of applications, and can be used to augment farms of various kinds, protect an area, enhance the power of other machines, and more.
The other major use of the energy is to imbue yourself with magic powers, which give you the ability to do things like substantially extend your reach, protect you from arrow fire, and help in the collection of items and experience.

ChromatiCraft is primarily based around exploration; you need to explore and try out the entry level of the mod before the higher levels become accessible. It is not designed to be used immediately in a new world; it is expected players will start by doing other things and will naturally acquire the required progress to meaningfully begin.


While exploring, you will occasionally find an unusual structure, made of dark stone columns, beams, and tiles. Near the top is a ring of eight blocks engraved with a strange, glowing symbol. At the top of the structure sits a glowing beacon, one visibly and audibly (and if you get too close, palpably) radiating with raw crystal power.

At first, these pylons of energy will be little more than scenery, but they become crucial to your progress later on, as they are the source of all your energy.

More immediately useful are the crystals found deep in the caves underground.  Standing near a crystal will give living entities small stat effects which last for 10 seconds. Crystals cannot be mined directly - they drop shards which are your main crafting ingredient. However, they can be harvested with silk touch to get the actual crystal. Crystal shards can also be used to brew potions, some of which (such as jump boost) are not available normally.


"Potion Crystals" can also be made. Much more costly than a lamp, they double the aesthetic function of a lamp with a 5-minute level-3 potion effect, akin to a scaled-down beacon.

Crystals generate in every dimension except the end, and are most frequent in the Twilight Forest. Nether crystals deal different and much nastier effects.

Getting Started

To get started with ChromatiCraft, explore until you find a number of cave crystals. These shards are your key to get started. Combine them with a crafting table to get a special crystalline variant, and use some more to make a crystal manipulator. This is the table on which you will craft the rest of your equipment and devices, and the manipulator is the tool you will use to trigger crafting, among other uses. For now, however, the table's power is limited, and you need to become more familiar with its use. Once you have done so, you can build a structure around it to help focus its power.

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