By now, many great extensions of the Minecraft gameplay exist (such as Industrialcraft, Buildcraft....) but they have one common weakness. They usually require you to amass X resources before you can make use of the advanced stuff. The process of mining down and then stripmining for raw materials has become very repetitive and boring after a while, so i decided Minions to do it for you were needed!!!

Minions can [currently]:
* follow you around
* be sent to places
* chop down entire forests
* carry you, animals and other players
* dig mineshafts complete with stairwell
* dig custom spaces you defined, above and below ground
* mine ore veins you point out to them
* intelligently strip mine where you tell them to
* return their goods and loot to you
* or to a Block with inventory (> 23 slots) you pointed out

Pingus is a free lemming’s clone, originally made for Linux (operating system). It is a 2-D platformer where you try to get pingus (it means penguins in German or something) to an exit. They are not just ordinary penguins, you can give them special abilities like bomber or bridger (why does this give me an error for the word “bridger”) to get to your goal. This mod adds the pingus and their (that’s the right kind of “there”, right?) abilities. Pingus can only move in two dimensions, just like the game. The currently included abilities are bomber, basher, bridger, miner, and digger. All the items use the game’s original animations (yeah, I just said animations for items (I also just realized I use a lot of parentheses (parentheception))).

To use a pingu (single pingus), all you have to do is right click while facing the direction you want the pingu to go. It will travel in a straight line until it hits a wall. When that happens it will turn around and go in the opposite direction. To give a pingu an ability you either right click on a regular pingu with a specific item or you craft together a pingu item and the item that would give it an ability. All the items you can use are listed below. You then just use the crafted special pingu by right clicking just like you would use a normal pingu. A pingu will die if it is either, on fire, in water, in lava, or falls more than 5 blocks. To get a regular pingu back all you have to do is right click it with an empty hand

Left click a pet you have tamed with the Pet Wand to convert them.
Left click the pet while holding the Pet Wand attempts a level up.
Right click the pet while sneaking to open the inventory/skill tree.
Right click the pet with any other item to make them sit/stand.
Right click otherwise with the Mountable skill and a saddle in the saddle slot to mount the pet.

Dogs can eat beef and pork.
Cats can eat chicken and fish.
Pigs can eat carrots.
Slimes can eat cookies and raw potatos.

The Pet Wand is crafted with a torch made of bones and gold nuggets. You get one when you log into a world for the first time though.

Pet claws are found as dungeon loot, just like saddles. However, in the config file you can enable a recipe for them, and for saddles.

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