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Anyone can use MCModKit with zero modding knowledge! Simply launch MCModKit, download the mods you are interested in and install them! MCModKit automatically takes care of everything for you!

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Each mod is featured on it's own page with an overview, screenshots & videos, news, feature requests, support requests, wiki and more! All of this can be accessed right inside MCModKit!

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No more searching scary file hosting websites filled with spyware! MCModKit will safely download the mods you select directly to your computer with just one click!

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Simply pick the version of Minecraft you want to play, select the mods you would like installed and then click Install Mods! MCModKit automatically takes care of everything for you!

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Latest Mods

The Twilight Forest
Instant Structures
Mo People
Hungry Animals
Better Builder's Wands
Blood Magic
Chance Cubes
Chicken Chunks

Discover and discuss mods! A thriving community!

Each mod is featured on it’s own page and provides the following features:

  • Overview - Gives an overview of the mod along with additional information about the mod.
  • Media - Official screenshots and videos can be found here. In addition, community members can contribute their own screenshots and videos.
  • Wiki - A community moderated wiki where instructions on how to use the mod can put along with recipes and any other useful information.
  • Download - Downloads are listed by Minecraft version making it easy to locate the version you are looking for. They can also include a description of what's new in each version.
  • News - The mod developer posts updates here to keep their users updated on new features.
  • Requests - Submit requests for new features and upvote others you would like to see implemented! The mod developer can respond to each request with a status such as "in development", "to be implemented in version 2.0", etc.
  • Support - Submit questions about any issues you may be having. Helpful responses can be marked as answers to the question making it easy to find answers to questions that have already been asked.
  • Forums - Forums are available for any other type of discussion that is not support or request related.
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Download with confidence! Goodbye spyware & viruses!

Downloading mods is safer and easier than ever! You no longer have to:

  • Waste time looking for the right version of the mod for the version of Minecraft you want to play
  • Go to file hosting websites that attempt to get you to download their spyware instead of downloading the mod
  • Worry about getting a virus or spyware installed because you accidentally download the wrong file
  • Installing additional required APIs that the mod needs to work

With just one click, MCModKit automatically takes care of securely downloading the mod directly to your computer allowing you to spend your time playing the mod rather than hunting for it!

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Install with ease! It doesn't get any easier!

Once a mod has been downloaded, installing it is just as easy! You simply select the version of Minecraft you want to play, check the mods you would like installed and then click on the “install mods” button. When you press install, MCModKit automatically performs several actions:

  • Clean Up - MCModKit removes all unofficial files from the Minecraft folder.
  • Minecraft Installation - MCModKit then installs the selected version of Minecraft
  • Prerequisites - Next, MCModKit installs any other mods required for the selected mod to work (and mods required for those mods to work, and so on…)
  • Mod Installation - Finally, MCModKit installs the selected mods
  • Launch Minecraft - (Optional) - Launches Minecraft immediately after installation

All of this takes place at lightning speed allowing you to download and install a mod in under 30 seconds!

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